Special Thank to our partner that make this 2021 Dakar Possible

Polaris inc:
First, we need to thank Polaris to build a such good machine as the NEW Pro XP turbo.
For all the Xtremeplus staff it had been a pleasure and a wonderful challenge to prepare this New Pro Xp.

We also thank Polaris for the full support we received on technical development and parts we are more than happy to also collaborate with the USA Team that will attend Dakar for their first time.

CST Tires:
What a great job did CST with this New Apache Model
After 4 years of collaboration, together we really build a Rallye raid tire.
Strong and easy to use.
We are sure that this will make a big difference.

Motul lubricants:
Since 2017 we are partner, we are proud to say that Motul came to the dakar via Xtremeplus
and we thank Romain and all his Staff , for the involvement they have in Motorsport
for sure everyone knows that the Motul Product are the best one for racing conditions, but on Xtremeplus side what we appreciate even more is the real technical support that Motul is giving.

Donnerre suspension:
With the experience and Technology of Donnerre and our 10 years feedback on SXS, we create a suspension that pushes the limit of the comfort and the performance.
Never a SXS was so easy and fast to drive!
A big thank to Sebastien, Guillaume and Sudjit.

The 2 year collaboration brought a synergy that gives the possibility to build a such amazing machine
in collaboration with Skyworks, we study and build all the drive train, in order to have a strong and fast race Polaris Pro XP.

Wroooum Carbon Fiber and accessories:
What a great Job ! just unbelievable !
Our goal was to have a machine as light as possible, and to keep it as similar to the Polaris Pro XP shape
Elvio From Wroooum build us such nice Carbon parts, that today we can say, that not only they reach the minimum target weight, but on top we have for sure one of the nicest SXS.

The number 1 personalistaion sticker in France, for all our 6 Polaris Pro XP they design the graphic to match the request of each driver, and the result is more than amazing.

The quality of the sticker is so strong that after a complete Dakar the machine seems new.

Agostani Caffé Tutto Cialde:
Is an Italian Coffee maker, specialize in espresso coffee.
you can not even imagine how many coffees a Team of 40 persons can drink during a Dakar, and you can not even imagine how nice is it to drink a good italien coffee during the coldest night of Saudi Arabia.
we are really happy to have a such support from one of the italien leader company in espresso coffee.

Method Wheels:
For 2 years we have used method wheels, for sure one of the strongest and well known brand in off road in all the world.
This year we will run the model M401 bedlock, strong and light, ideal for any kind of terrain.

The racing parts company Leader in France.
If you race and you like your machine, GT2i is the company you have to consult.
They can help you for everything, from driver equipment to car specific custom made parts.
They a such big catalogue of parts, that is impossible that you will not find your need.
The strong quality of their products make us choosing GT2i as our official Supplier.

Modul auto:
Accessoires 4×4 qui de plus en plus ce spécialise dans les polaris sxs.
En 2020 nous avons commencer une étroite collaboration qui permet à Modul Auto de rentrer en force dans les courses et préparation des SXS Polaris.

Marco Piana,