Dakar SS7: Tim and Tom spent the night in the desert!

Les frères Coronel n'ont rencontré aucun problème

The Coronel brothers had a turbulent start of the second Dakar week.
After the rest day, the duo was full of renewed energy to take on the second week of the world’s hardest test for man and machine. However, things already went wrong prior to the start of the stage. On the way to the start, the rear brake line caught fire.

Initially, the twins didn’t notice it but a driver behind them warned them in time. Quick action allowed for the problem to be solved.

Once they had started, things soon went massively wrong in the large dunes. On the first few kilometres, several competitors already hit trouble and Tim and Tom were no exception. Within 20 kilometres, the duo ran into a huge gap. « That was a heavy impact in which the suspension collapsed,