Blancpain GT Series starts partnership with TM Performance

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The SRO Motorsports Group-organised Blancpain GT Series has entered into a partnership with Italian parts producer TM Performance. TM Performance will be able to supply the Blancpain GT Series teams with non-GT3 regulated braking components and other crucial parts.

TM (Tecnologie Meccaniche) Performance is a company in continual expansion, operating in the automotive racing mechanical sector. The Italian parts producer can rely on a machining shop able to produce prototypes, in both small and large series. TM Performance can supply motorsport parts according to executive drawings or by sample reverse engineering.


TM Performance is already a partner of Lamborghini Squadra Corse, Audi Sport Italia, Dallara Automobili, J.A.S. Motorsport, Ferrari, KTM, Toro Rosso, Reiter Engineering, Praga Sportcars and many other high-level motorsport companies.

Nicky Tonnoni (Customer Care & Sales TM Performance): « We entered a partnership with the Blancpain GT Series because our objective is to increase our direct market with the participating teams. We have plenty of experience in other GT championships, so our knowledge could come in useful for the teams of the high-level Blancpain GT Series. »

 Adelheid Terryn,