Goodyear demonstrates unwavering support for Team De Rooy in winning Rallye du Maroc

Stage 4 Zagora - Merzouga Rallye du Maroc 2023

Goodyear has supported Team De Rooy in the Rallye du Maroc 2023 which took place from 12th to 18th October. During this prelude to the Dakar 2024, Goodyear OFFROAD tires and Goodyear TPMS solution helped to conquer the demanding conditions of the Sahara sands.

The Rallye du Maroc 2023 served as a proving ground for the upcoming Dakar 2024 for the Team De Rooy. With the support of Goodyear’s tire technology and solutions the team delivered an excellent performance, covering a total distance of 2,240 kilometres over five stages. The journey began with the Prologue in Agadir and extended eastward to Zagora and Merzouga, demonstrating team’s capacity to navigate even some of the most demanding terrains with exceptional skill.

Stage 2 Zagora – Zagora Rallye du Maroc

Goodyear closely followed the entire Team De Rooy’s performance in this challenging event, confident that its Goodyear OFFROAD tires continued to meet rigorous demands of the rally in terms of durability and performance. Another element of Goodyear’s collaboration with Team De Rooy is the integration of Goodyear Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) solution in the racing trucks. Goodyear TPMS includes a sensor placed within the tire that communicates crucial data to the driver through a display mounted on the truck’s dashboard. On rocky terrains and the unforgiving desert surfaces, this advanced technology provided essential real-time information regarding tire temperature and pressure, allowing the team to respond quickly and make adjustments as needed.

« We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Team De Rooy and to provide them our Goodyear OFFROAD tires combined with predictive analytics from Goodyear TPMS » said Maciej Szymański, Marketing Director, Commercial Europe at Goodyear. « Our collaborative efforts with the team reflect our commitment to innovation and dedication to driving results. Team De Rooy’s victory in the 2023 Dakar Rally was a testament to the exceptional performance of our technology under very challenging conditions. »

Stage 5 Merzouga Rallye du Maroc 2023

In the 2023 Dakar edition, Goodyear’s OFFROAD tires and TPMS played an important role in helping Team De Rooy secure a resounding victory in the truck category. Over the course of 16 challenging days of action across the Saudi Arabian desert, where they faced nearly 9000 kilometres of rock, sand, and muddy terrain, with almost 5000 of those kilometres as special stages, Team De Rooy demonstrated their dominance. They finished in the top three positions, with three of their trucks securing first, third, and fourth place, solidifying Goodyear tires as one of the winning choice.

« The exciting Rallye du Maroc 2023 ended well for all equipes of Team De Rooy with the No.506 Becx Competition Team De Rooy FPT winning the entire rally in truck category. Now we are focusing and preparing for the upcoming Dakar Rally of 2024.” – said Gerard De Rooy, team owner, Team De Rooy.

In addition to the success of Team De Rooy at the Rallye du Maroc 2023, Janus van Kasteren achieved a significant milestone by becoming the World Champion in the World Rally Raid Championship T5 category. This impressive victory added to the overall performance of Team De Rooy, making the Rallye du Maroc 2023 an important event for both the team and Janus van Kasteren.

« Goodyear’s support has been incredibly valuable in our journey through the Rallye du Maroc 2023 and the upcoming Dakar 2024. Their tires and TPMS technology have proven to be an important support to our teams, ensuring we navigate even the toughest terrains with confidence. We’re excited to continue this partnership, and it’s a testament to the winning combination of Team De Rooy and Goodyear’s tires and solutions. » – adds De Rooy.

James Bailey,