Dakar 2023 X-Raid : Between two seas

– ASO presents route of the Dakar 2023
– Start on the Red Sea, finish on the Persian Gulf

Yesterday, Dakar participants and fans sat tensely in front of their computers and followed the presentation of the route of the Dakar 2023, which leads from the Red Sea in the west of Saudi Arabia via the capital Riyadh to the Persian Gulf in the east. A total of 8,549 kilometres lie ahead of the participants, 4,706 of them against the clock.

The Dakar 2023 will start on 31 December 2022 in a large sea camp on the Red Sea, north of the port city of Jeddah. From there, the participants will travel through the north of Saudi Arabia to the capital Riyadh, where the rest day (9 January 2022) will be completed. Afterwards, the Dakar armada travels, with a detour to the ‘Empty Quarter’, to the destination city of Dammam on the Persian Gulf. There, on 15 January 2023, the finish podium awaits all the drivers who have mastered the ‘Dakar’ challenge.

The Dakar Rally starts on 31.12.22 with a warm-up: a ten-kilometre prologue around the Sea Camp raises the anticipation for the first stage in the new year. This is followed by 14 stages on the way to Dammam. The Dakar armada spends four days in the « Empty Quarter ». The marathon day from 13 to 14 January will also be completed there. Here, the drivers have to manage without mechanics and prepare their vehicles themselves for the next day. But even before that, numerous challenges await the participants: Among others, the longest stage with 800 km is on the agenda on the sixth day. One day later, the longest special stage with 473 kilometres.

The race and service vehicles were already brought to the port of Marseille at the beginning of this week. On 28 December, all vehicles can be collected from the port of Yanbu and brought to the Sea Camp. There, the mechanics will prepare the desert racers before the race finally starts on 31.12.22.

Stefanie Szlapka,