Dakar SS5 Borgward: Good day for Roma, bad day for Porém!

– Borgward Rally Team drivers didn’t share the same luck during the 5th day of the Dakar.

Borgward Rally Team drivers, Nani Roma (301) and Ricardo Porém (332), had two complete different experiences on the 353-kilometre stage today. Two-time champion Roma drove a good stage while Porém had a bad day.

Nani Roma had a good solid day in Stage 5 of the Dakar Rally. He finished just outside the Top 10 on a 13th position. The Spanish driver was content with the overnight improvements on the Borgward BX7 EVO and he was happy with the result at the end of the day.

Nani Roma said after the stage: « Today was much better than yesterday. We had a good stage and showed good pace. At the end we needed to watch the petrol consumption, so I took it a bit careful. But the Borgward BX7 EVO worked very well today. After a hard day yesterday, we made some changes to the cars and they worked really well. We are now getting ready for tomorrow, another long and hard stage. We’ll keep trying and improving! »

Ricardo Porém did not share the same luck as Nani Roma. The Portuguese driver had an issue with the car. The fast assistance tried to tow him to the end of the stage. Unfortunately, the last 100km of the stage were all dunes and towing a car through the dunes at night is hard.

As a consequence, they decided to leave the stage and retire for the day. Once the car has arrived in the bivouac the team will assess the damage and see whether he will be able to restart tomorrow or after the rest day in the Dakar Experience.

Arturo Ruiz,


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