CS Santosh starts Baja Aragon on a strong note for Hero

C.S. Santosh © RallyZone

BAJA Aragon Rally began on a mixed note for Hero MotoSports Team Rally with C S Santosh kick starting his campaign in the rally with a strong first day. He rode strong from the beginning to finish the stage in 10th place overall.


For his team mate Joaquim Rodrigues, however, the day didn’t go as planned, as he met with a nasty accident right at the start of his stage and damaged his bike. He tried to continue further but ultimately in the interest of safety and of both the bike and the rider, he decided to forfeit the stage and regroup with the team to get ready for Day 2 tomorrow. He suffered some bruises in his arm and leg, but he is doing okay.

The day one of BAJA Aragon rally saw some good action already with about 250 kms done under the clock. The stage 1 was a shorter run of about 86 kms starting from Banon and ending near the Rally Head Quarters in Teruel. The stage 2 ran for a 165 kms from Santa Eulalia to back to the Teruel.

C S Santosh (Comp No: 11): « It was a good first day of Baja for me. I felt really good on the bike and got into a good rhythm. The first stage was a short one with only about 80 kms and I did quite well there finishing in top 5. The second stage was quite rough as the cars had done that in the morning leaving rough and broken tracks for the bikes. So I decided to take some time with the stage and finish it well. Really happy with the bike and having a good feeling after day 1. We will see how it goes tomorrow. »

Joaquim Rodrigues (Comp No: 7): « I had a crash today in the stage today but fortunately got away with some bruises. I tried to pick up the bike and ride again but the bike was damaged a bit so I decided to not push it further. I came out of the stage and regrouped with my team. Now we work on fixing the bike and I hope to have a better day tomorrow. »

Provisional Rankings at the end of the Day 01
1. Michael Metge, Sherco TVS, 03h 14m 56s
2. Lorenzo santolino, Sherco TVS, +28s
3. Juan Pedrero, Club Aventura Touareg, +03m 44s…
10. C S Santosh, Hero MotoSports, +19m 43s…
DNF. Joaquim Rodrigues, Hero MotoSports

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