Morocco: Neutralization of stage doesn’t slow down E. Jacinto

Le MAN de Elisabete Jacinto © Jorge Cunha

The Portuguese driver Elisabete Jacinto finished today the second stage of the Rallye Oilibya du Maroc in the fourth place among the trucks, in a day in which the special, composed by a route of 354.45 kilometers, ended up being neutralized after the CP1, because the strong rains that fell in the region of Erfoud left one of the oued, that was part of the selective sector, impossible to surpass.

For this reason, after completing 130 kilometers of course, the competitors were forced to stop and return to the bivouac without disputing the entire journey.

Due to this situation, until the time of sending this press release it wasn’t yet released a definitive classification, but in CP1 the Bio-Ritmo® team occupied the fourth place among the T4, at only 14m52 of the first place the Argentinean Frederico Villagra: « unfortunately today’s stage was neutralized shortly after CP1. It rained a lot two days ago and the oued that we were going to cross was impassable. NPO did the track reconnaissance before it rained and they didn’t realize that the rain caused damages. So it was only when the bikers arrived there and saw that they couldn’t get through, that the organization decided to neutralize the selective sector from CP1 onwards. We ended up doing only 130 kilometers, out of the 354 that composed the special. Everything was going well and we were getting a good rhythm when we had to go back to the camp » explained the Portuguese driver.

The third stage of this competition takes place between Erfoud and the Erg Lihoudi. The day will be divided into two selective sectors: the first one, composed by 435.11 timed kilometers, will have fast rails, crossings of oueds and paths through green palm trees. The second selective sector will be made of 142.79 kilometers. It begins on a very stony track and ends with the crossing of the highest dunes in the region.

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