Formula E Venturi: A good dynamic before Paris ePrix

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In Long Beach (USA, race 6), 3 weeks ago, Venturi achieved a podium. It was the first time for the team this season and the first time for Stephane Sarrazin in Formula-E. The Venturi GP French driver was always in the points since the beginning of this championship and on the verge of winning last year. His second place finish in California was complimented by Mike Conway’s good race, also in scoring points (P10).


« Our results bring new ideas »
« We have to keep on pushing » said Stéphane after his simulator training session this week « The team did great work in Long Beach. Everything came together. It’s been a great moment which shows we can do it. But it’s behind us. Now it’s Paris with a new track and a lot of expectations because it’s in France and most of our team is from France, and because our latest results gave us new ideas and expectations. »

The dynamic is there. For the second time in a row Venturi Automobiles powertrain has been on the box (First place with Dragon Racing in Mexico city, race 5) and succeeded two days before with the FIA crash test.

The Venturi VM200 FE-02 passes FIA crash test successfully
On March 31st the team in charge of Season 3 car development passed with the FIA homologation requirement of the VM200 FE-02, which is the technical name for the Venturi Automobiles electric powertrain being developed for the next season of the FIA Formula-E Championship series.
Louis-Marie Blondel is in charge of the development of this next stage at Venturi Automobiles. “We had to get the FIA approval for the entire rear part of the vehicle structure that we have significantly evolved. It was important to measure the crash box absorption capacity in case of accident. The crash box is supporting the rear wing of the car”

– What happened ?
“The car was thrown against a wall to see how the crash box was deformed without impacting the rest of the vehicle. It is important for driver safety, but it is also to protect the car. All vital organs of the car are stored in the rear: the gearbox, the motor and the battery. Protecting these avoids high replacement costs. What is also important is that the FIA regulations limit us in the changes of these parts. You have the right to change one engine or one gear box per year. If you break too much and have to make a second change during the season you get hit with penalties.
– So these changes were essential?
« Without this approval from the FIA ​​it was not possible to drive the car with these new upgrades. So we are satisfied at Venturi Automobiles as this is the validation of our Season 3 design and construction work. We can now bring our powertrain changes into the new architecture to perform better. It was a necessary step to finalize the development of the vehicle. »
– What happens in case of failure?
« During Season 3 we would have been obliged to race with the Season 2 car. This car is very good but the technological evolution is essential to be competitive. We are also in an innovation race with the other teams. If you make no progress you lose. »

Thierry Apparu,