Libya Rally: Race report from a crazy 4th stage!  

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Van den Brink makes up big time
Sometimes things happen, just because they have to. A few days ago Dutchman Martin van den Brink and Portugese Elisabete Jacinto clashed heavily and a fierce rivalry was born. But today, in the fourth stage of the Libya Rally, they had to make up. It was Van den Brink who pulled the truck of Jacinto back upright after she had toppled over in the dunes.

The Portugese, who just yesterday had taken the lead of the general standings, lost control of her MAN and rolled in the dunes. The Dutchman was the first at the scene and knew he couldn’t just pass. “A gentleman never leaves a lady in distress behind. I admit had I to step over my own shadow, but we had nothing to lose anyway. We knew we were leading and would gain a lot of time, even when helping them.