Elisabete Jacinto makes first appearance in Libya Rally

Elisabete Jacinto au Libya Rally © Jorge Cunha

The Portuguese pilot Elisabete Jacinto and the OLEOBAN® team performed today in Agadir, the administrative and technical checks of the Libya Rally, where they are going to participate for the first time. This race will be disputed between the 15th and 21st April in Morocco. As usual, the Portuguese went through the controls of the organization in order to scrutinize all the documentation and the technical requirements of the vehicles and they are now ready to start the race tomorrow.


Team OLEOBAN starts tomorrow the Libya RallyThe Portuguese trio, formed by Elisabete Jacinto, José Marques and Marco Cochinho, point out as the main goal for this competition winning a podium place, however, they recognize that the level of preparation and experience of their opponents is quite high. Despite the difficulties of this rally, Elisabete Jacinto is eager to participate in this event and she believes that it is possible to fight for a good classification: « In the first phase we will have to adapt because it is a Belgian organization that has a different way to see the rally. There are many details that aren’t like the ones we are used to, for example, the way the roadbook is made … and it affects navigation. It is a fact that we will fight for a good place but in a first participation nothing is guaranteed » said the Portuguese.

The first stage of the Libya Rally takes place tomorrow between Agadir and Tan-Tan and has a stage of 480 timed kilometres.

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