Formula-E: Disappointing Saturday in Mexico for Venturi

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Stephane Sarrazin and Mike Conway finished the Mexican EPrix in nearly the same place they started on the grid. Stéphane started in P9 and finished in P10, and Mike started P14 and finished in P13.


All the drivers of each team spent the first half of the race trying to avoid mistakes and be in a better position to make advancements looking for opportunities. The first part of the race was like frozen. Everybody was also careful to manage the battery consumption and to avoid overheating in the long 43 laps race.

The Mexico EPrix was steady until lap 22 when all of the drivers went to the pit to change cars. Unfortunately both Venturi drivers had technical issues when it was time to exit the garages. Stéphane had an issue with his steering wheel and Mike with his starting procedure. «I had a great pit stop » said Stéphane « but in the lap after exiting I had no power. I was stuck at 110 kW and 4 cars passed me. That was really disappointing because we have so much potential.»

At lap 25 Stéphane was in P12 and Mike in P16 and ended the 5th round of the Formula-E Championship series in places 10 and 13. Stéphane scored 1 point.
Thierry Apparu,