Africa Race Stage 7: E.Jacinto keeps 3rd place

© Jorge Cunha

Elisabete Jacinto completed today the difficult route of the seventh stage of the Africa Eco Race held between Chami and Amodjar. The 414 kilometers of selective sector, made up of sand tracks and dunes, have proved to be quite arduous to the OLEOBAN® team that spent 5h52m45s to fulfill the route of the special. Still, and despite having finished the stage in fifth place among trucks, the Portuguese hold the third category of the T4 and now occupy the 15th place of the joint classification auto truck.


The Portuguese formation, consisting of Elisabete Jacinto, José Marques and Marco Cochinho found some difficulties and setbacks in this special, once the 10 tons of the MAN TGS make it very difficult to cross the sandy areas when it presents more fine and soft, as was the case.

The MAN TGS from the Portuguese team in the soft sand dunes of MauritaniaTherefore, and in order not to lose too much time, Elisabete Jacinto had to carefully manage the entry in the dunes, « the first 100 kilometers of today’s stage were very beautiful. The first kilometers were very fast, but it was needed an expertise driving. Then came the dunes and that’s when our troubles began. We did everything very slowly not to get buried because our truck is too heavy and didn’t want to have problems. However, at one point we saw that the Scania had stopped and the crew was digging so we decided to leave the traces of trucks. But that wasn’t yet the right choice because we end up getting stuck. We lost a long time digging and that was the main reason for our delay. After leaving the dunes we ran fast and we had no more problems. We know that from now on stages will be increasingly difficult and we only want to get a good classification at the end. Let’s see what luck is reserving for us » said the Portuguese pilot.

The Russian from the official Team Kamaz continue to be the fastest T4 on the track and still manage to occupy top positions in the general auto/ truck classification. Elisabete Jacinto counts at this time, with a lead of 45 minutes to Miklos Kovacs that, driving a Scania, occupies the fourth place among trucks.

Tomorrow’s stage will lead the caravan of the Africa Eco Race to Chinguetti where will start the eighth special of the rally. In this journey, that will link that city to Amati, will be played 377 kilometers against the clock in very different tracks. The stage begins with the descent of the Oued Chinguetti and then pilots will have a mountain pass. Immediately afterwards, the pilots enter a narrow and stony zone that requires careful attention. In the end of the special is reserved the passage of a large section of dunes to then end the day not far from Atar.

Anabela Martinho,