E-Xplorer Norway : Good feelings about the CR Electric Proto in Oslo

Honda has marked a significant milestone with its first CR Electric Proto motorbike. This innovative machine has cemented Honda’s position as a leader in the evolution towards a more sustainable future in motorsport.

Today was full of preparations as the team riders, Team HRC had a busy schedule starting at 08:00 A.M. with scrutineering where they checked that all the equipment was up to FIM regulations, then Tosha Schareina and Francesca Nocera had the track walk to thoroughly inspect the circuit on foot. Knowing every corner, every jump and every challenge is crucial to success on the track, and the team left no part of the circuit unexamined in order to get the best out of each rider.

In the afternoon, the action intensified with the start of practice, where both Tosha Schareina and Francesca Nocera had the opportunity to test the CR Electric Proto for the first time on the circuit and hone their skills. With two starts each, Tosha and Francesca made the most of every moment on the track to grasp the subtleties of the terrain and optimise their performance. Later they were able to practice their starts. A good start can make the difference between victory and defeat. More than simply accelerating and hoping for the best, starts require technical skill, strategy and a dose of bravery.

Despite being in Norway, the days are getting unusually hot. With the adrenaline pumping and the engines roaring, the riders have faced an additional challenge as they battle against exhaustion in this thrilling competition.

Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day with the main race on the horizon. But before the on-track action, the teams will have to face qualifying, a crucial moment to determine their position on the starting grid. With the determination and experience of the TEAM HRC, they are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way and reach new heights in the exciting world of electric motorbike racing.

With a focus on cutting-edge technology and high-level performance, the team is eager to show its potential in this exciting challenge. Looking to the future, the company is committed to continuing to develop innovative technologies and products that will drive change towards a greener and healthier world for generations to come.

Ruben Faria – Team Principal : « Practice has been completed and it went quite well. As I said, it’s a completely different track but both the riders and the bike behaved very well. Enduro sections with logs and wheels mixed with quite fast sections with jumps. Tomorrow is going to be a very nice race to watch and we hope everything goes as well or better than in practice. »

Tosha Schareina #68 : « I felt good despite the differences with the bike I normally ride on this kind of circuit. We got off to a good start but I know I can do better. The tyre part was the hardest part but lap by lap I was able to pass them better. »

Francesca Nocera #443 : « Very happy with the training, it’s nothing like what we’ve seen before. It has fast sections, riding sections, technical sections. I can still improve on some sections but the balance is positive. Looking forward to tomorrow’s race. »