ADDC Xtreme+ Stage 4: 4 Polaris Pro R CST Polaris Xtremeplus Team in the first 10 positions

Summary Stage 4 and 5

231 Km Special Stage – Fast sand and dunes.

Good stage for the CST Xtremeplus Polaris Team.

The weather température went up today and give some issue on the belt of our Polaris Pro R.

414 Pietro Cinotto had a belt issue at km 180, they fast changed it and were able to finish 5 th in ssv catégorie.

Same story for 407 Michele that finished 7 th, but is still 4 th general all in ssv category on the W2RC, 409 Robert Szustkoswski had same issue and was able to finishing 9 th.

410 Michelle Cinotto, no issue and have finish in a good 10 th position.

CST Apache tire give the opportunity to run all the stage at low pressure without any puncture.

Emka oil guarantee a very good cooling giving good performance.

5th and last Stage – MEZAIRA’A – ABU DHABI
206 Km Special Stage – Fast in dunes.

The cat Xtremeplus Polaris team achieve a good 2024 ADDC

The only regret is that 414 Pietro Cinotto and Szymon Gospodarczyk that was today fighting for second place of the SSV category had a mechanical issue. In fact at km 80 the clutch that is on secondary cvt broke down. Is not a big issue but it block the machine, no possible to drive any longer, so he had to come out from stage at refuel and finish by road.

For the other crew all went good.

Michel Cinotto and Maurizio Dominella ended this ADDC 5th in SSV category and 4th in W2RC.

Piotr Beaupre and Albert Gryszczuk for his first race finished 7th and this is really good.

Robin after a bad Stage 1 was able to come back in the game and finished 8th overall in SSV.
4 Polaris Pro R in the first 10 positions is a honorable ranking of the CST Polaris Xtremeplus Team that had Only gentlemen driver.

Congratulations to all of them, Thank to xtremeplus staff.

As usual big part of this achievement is due of very good and reliable CST Apache tires and EMKA lubricants products.

The conclusion of this 2024 ADDC is that The Polaris Pro R is really a strong and reliable SSV, and is the perfect choice for all driver that want performance and strong machine.