2024 Taklimakan Rally Starts the May 20th from Kashgar, Xinjiang

The 2024 Taklimakan Rally press conference launched in Beijing. Taklimakan Rally will welcome its 20th anniversary in 2024, and the new itinerary was revealed during the press conference.

The 2024 Taklimakan Rally will be organized from May 20 to June 1, 2024, with the starting point in Kashgar and the arrival place in Aksu. The rally covers three regions in Xinjiang including Kashgar, Hotan and Aksu, with total rally stage stretching over 4600 km and special stage of 2450 km. Both the special stage and the total stage increases compared with last year.

The 2024 Taklimakan Rally will continue to showcase the multi-terrain of Xinjiang, the pilots and co-pilots will experience the pleasure of driving through the lancform of the canyon, the Yardang, the desert and the gobi. The sandy road section accounts for 51% of the total stage while the gobi and the gravel surface occupying 15% and 34% separately. The rally includes three categories: the auto, moto and the truck.

Launched in 2005 and after the 20 years’ development, the Taklimakan Rally has grown into the largest off-road event in China. As the rally which owns the largest number of participants as well as the longest overall stage in Asia, the Taklimakan Rally has developed from a sports event into a comprehensive brand activity which combines the sports with tourism and culture. Throughout the region of Xinjiang, different towns and scenic spots along the route of the rally have organized various music festivals, folk arts festivals, food festivals and other cultural activities to celebrate the rally as well as to promote the abundant local touristic and cultural resources.

He Jiandong, vice president of the China Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Federation, mentioned that the Taklimakan Rally has been successfully listed into the FIA calendar this year, and it remains the only international rally in China. The Federation will do its best to support the internationalization of the Taklimakan Rally. « We welcome the international teams and pilots to participate in the Rally, to exchange with Chinese pilots and to feel the charm of the natural resources and the hospitality of the people in Xinjiang, China. 2024 Taklimakan Rally in Xinjiang welcomes you! »