Dakar Borgward: Nani Roma finishes Stage 9!

– The Spanish driver in his Borgward BX7 EVO completed a long stage.

Borgward Rally Team driver Nani Roma (301) finished Stage 9 of the Dakar Rally. The Spaniard completed the 886-kilometre day (476 liaison and 410 special) in the 13th position as the race approaches its end.

Nani Roma was in the Top 10 for the majority of today’s stage, only to lose out on the last sector. The Spanish driver finished just 49 seconds behind the ninth place. The Borgward Rally Team lead pilot showed great speed in his Borgward BX7 EVO today.

Nani Roma said at the bivouac: « Today was a good day, we are happy about that. It was a long journey. We had a very long liaison and the stage was also quite long. We had good pace the whole day. The difference between 9th place and us was very small today, less than a minute. »

Nani Roma praised the Borgward BX7 EVO and how the continuous improvement process has provided better results. The two-time champion is looking forward to the next stages which are the marathon stages.

Roma added: « We had one issue on the stage. We had a big impact at around kilometer 80/90 and afterwards we heard a noise in the gearbox. We decided to stop using the 3rd gear in order to save the gearbox and to try to arrive at the bivouac. We have improved the Borgward BX7 EVO a lot over the last days and it’s starting to pay off. We have much more confidence. Now we have to prepare for the long marathon stages tomorrow. »


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