Dakar Bowgard SS4: Flat tyres destroy a good result

– A very hard day for both Borgward Rally Team drivers.

The day started good for Nani Roma, solid in the Top 15 and looking towards a Top 10. He had 2 flat tyres during the day and was driving carefully.

Unfortunately just before the end of the stage he entered a part in which there were two fallen motorcycles and two helicopters swerving around. Because of the dust he noticed a big rock too late and in order to avoid crashing into the motorcycles he had no choice but to hit the rock.

This caused two damaged tyres. With only one spare left he had no choice then to wait for the fast assistance, which ultimately came but he lost 4 hours and 50 minutes.

Ricardo Porém had no luck either. Three punctures early on in the stage caused him valuable time. He then needed to drive the Borgward BX7 EVO the remainder of the stage very carefully to avoid another puncture. He did very well, but unfortunately he got another puncture just before the end of the stage. Having no spare tyres left his only chance was to carry on on 3 tyres. Ultimately, he finished the stage but lost 3 hours and 17 minutes.

Arturo Ruiz,