Blancpain: Alex Buncombe, the linchpin driver at Team RJN Nissan

Alex Buncombe © DR

In eight seasons of Blancpain Endurance competition – both under the Endurance Series and Endurance Cup banners – a handful of competitors have become synonymous with the championship.


This is not simply about reputation or results. Often, it is those who stick around year after year, through good times and bad, who become genuine fan favourites.

But good results are generally what keep a driver in favour and that has been the case with the series’ two longest-serving competitors.

The established iron man is Stephane Ortelli, who, quite remarkably, is yet to miss a Blancpain Endurance event in eight full seasons of racing. Keeping the Monegasque very much on his toes is Alex Buncombe, who has started 38 of the 40 Blancpain Endurance races run since 2011.

And while Ortelli may hold the endurance record for Blancpain Endurance events, Buncombe has a seriously impressive distinction of his own. The British driver has driven every one of his races for Bob Neville’s Team RJN operation and always with the same manufacturer: Nissan.

“2017 was my 10th year with RJN,


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