KRKA Enduro Raid and just before… KRKA discovery

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Primosten – Marco Borsi is already in Primosten. All the other members of his staff will join him at the end of this week.

We are ready !
The 7th edition of Krka Enduro Raid will start in a few days with 555 riders, but just before there will be another important event of the TRX organization: Krka Discovery. The event will start april 25 and it’ll be a trip in Dalmatia born from an idea of TRX for all the lovers of the motorbike, for people who what train before the Krka Enduro Raid on a GPS track.

A lot of people, in effect, will arrive some days before the main event and they have so much desire to use their motorbikes : specially for them Krka Discovery has been created and this year will develop in 3 days.

More than 100 participants on the GPS track will face 150 kilometers the first day in the zone of the Dalmatian hinterland near Promina Mountain and Drnis. In the second day they will travel for 130 kms , direction Sign, next to the Bosnian border in the lakes region, and in the third day the participants will do 150 km around the National Park of Krka.

“Today is a sunny day – confirm Borsi, the boss, about the wheather – it’s a sunny day but a windy day, too. The temperature is gettin down and yesterday was raining, as usual in this season. But the track is perfect, and we have no mad on