Leg2: Sainz and Barreda extend their domain in Baja Aragon

Carlos Sainz-Lucas Cruz © Pep Segales

Both drivers clinched victory in the two specials of today, and they lead the overall classification in their categories

Carlos Sainz arrived in Teruel aiming to win. After 28 years absent of Baja Spain, the driver landed this year with Peugeot, and he is giving the kind of show everyone expected with such a resume.


In yesterday´s prologue stage, the fast Nasser Al Attiyah overcame him, but Sainz recovered today and got the triumph in both sections, what puts him as provisional leader.

In today´s first section, Mikko Hirvonen followed his path and finished second, only 8 seconds away, overcoming also Al Attiyah and Orlando Terranova. Xevi Pons was fifht, even if he suffered a rollover, which was finally only a fright.

Nani Roma´s car had a puncture in the morning that delayed him 2 minutes, and ended sixth.

During the evening, with 162 kilometres ahead, Sainz commanded again, this time over Al Attiyah, Hirvonen, Terranova and Pons.

Nani Roma, champion of the last two Bajas, had to retire due to a mechanical failure.

The intense fight lived on top of the race, left overall classification with Hirvonen only 1 minute from Sainz, and Al Attiyah 1.07 away, so the emotion is guaranteed for tomorrow´s final stage.

Among the Spanish, apart from Sáinz, Xevi Pons is the first one, in fifht position, followed by Fernando