Mud holds-up Elisabete Jacinto in Libya Rally

Elisabete Jacinto au Libya Rally

The Portuguese pilot Elisabete Jacinto finished today the second stage of the Libya Rally 2016 in sixth place among trucks after the MAN TGS of competition got stuck in the mud in the middle of crossing an oued. The team OLEOBAN® accomplished the 571 timed kilometres completed between Tan-Tan and Icht in 8h04m10s and got the 12th place in the general classification auto / truck. The winner of today’s stage was the trio led by the Belgian Christophe Stroo at the wheel of a truck GINAF.


The MAN TGS of the OLEOBAN team in the second stage of the Libya Rally 2016After a very troubled first stage due to a programming problem of GPS points, the second day of the Libya Rally 2016 ran smoothly. Elisabete Jacinto revealed, however, that it wasn’t an easy journey: « The special today was very beautiful, but very large and slow. The first 25 kilometres were made in an Oued where we had to move at a speed between 5 and 10 km / h and it took us a long time to fulfil that path. Shortly after we crossed a new Oued that was full of mud, because it rained recently in this area, and we ended up getting stuck. The first trucks managed to pass well, but when we arrived the floor was in very poor condition. We lost about 45 minutes there because we had to wait for the other truck to pull us of the mud. Later we had a flat tire and, once again, we lost time to change the tire. Besides to these setbacks there is nothing to report and it all went quite well, « said the Portuguese driver on arrival at the camp in Icht.

Tomorrow will be held the third stage of the Libya Rally 2016 which will be disputed between Icht and Mahmid, in Morocco. In this special composed by 409 timed kilometres, the organization will present the competitors with a journey accomplished in one of the oldest tracks of the Paris-Dakar. On the same day the participants of the Libya Rally will have the tough task of passing Iriki Lake and the Erg Chegaga whose dunes of soft sand tend to be quite difficult to overcome. In this type of floor, the pilots and navigators must demonstrate to possess great skill and concentration to be able to successfully surpass all obstacles.

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