Camelia on track to finish her seventh consecutive Dakar !

Camelia Liparoti © DR

On the Dakar, it is sometimes difficult to follow the rankings, the penalties, which must be validated by the Commissioners, often disturb during the middle of the night, the order of the time set. Yesterday, between La Rioja and San Juan, Camellia made her forcing and put her experience in terms of navigation before finally signing a beautiful 9th place which propels the 11th place overall, while she aspired reasonably a Top 15.

Today, between San Juan and Villa Carlos Paz, on the longest stage of the Dakar (931 km including 481 special stage), Camellia kept her pace, demonstrating the relevance of her physical preparation, a stainless mental, and also as much the reliability of her Yamaha YMF 700 R, by arrogating the 11th position of the stage. She has thus climbed to 10th place overall on the day before the arrival.

Tomorrow, Saturday 16th January, the 38th Dakar comes to a close. Competitors will still need to cover 180 km of special stage and 519 km of connection to Rosario, a stage of 699 kilometres in total. Fingers crossed for Camellia to end her seventh consecutive Dakar.

Claude La Chapelle,