Dakar: Camelia Liparoti is not loosing anything!

Camelia Liparoti © DR

Yesterday, the Belén-Belén stage was offset at the CP2, for safety reasons, due to the heat (+ 42 °) considered too high, a large majority of competitors, of whom Camelia, were sentenced to a fixed penalty, which disturbs the ranking that we had previously announced. Finally, Camellia, was ranking 23rd in the stage found herself 21st overall.

Today, between Belén and Rioja, Camellia went back with the knife between her teeth, riding her Yamaha YMF 700 R 700 whose engine is strictly standard, to assault the dunes of Fiambala. The objective, on this stage where the off-piste is in the in the program, is to get closer to the Top 15. Tonight Camellia is pointing to a beautiful 14th place in the special stage, which has hoisted her toward her goal. Do not let go!

Tomorrow, a special stage of 431 kilometres (281 km + connection) to San Juan, expect the warriors of the track, with sand and worse, fesh-fesh, followed by a fast section with gravel and pebbles.

Tomorrow, January 14th, it will also make 30 years that Thierry Sabine, founder of the Dakar disappeared in a helicopter crash.

Claude De La Chapelle,