Tuareg Rallye: Second place for the X-raid YXZ1000R Turbo Prototype

– Sven and Annett Quandt secure a podium finish.
– Pál Lónyai and Mathias Somfai finish sixth.

The Tuareg Rallye in Morocco is one of the most demanding amateur rallies. Six days of sand, dunes and gravel roads coupled with difficult navigation were on the agenda. After almost 1,500 kilometres, Sven and Annett Quandt finished second in the X-raid YXZ1000R Turbo Prototype. The two Hungarians Pál Lónyai and Mathias Somfai finished their first rally in the X-raid-built side-by-side in sixth place.

Sven and Annett Quandt were among the favourites right from the start. The founder of the X-raid team, together with his wife, finished every special stage in the top 3. The two even managed to win one special stage.

For Lónyai and Somfai, things went better and better from the third special stage onwards after a difficult start to the rally. On the second day, the two Hungarians lost a lot of time due to a broken suspension. But with second and third place on stages four and five, they worked their way back up in the overall standings and were finally happy about sixth place.

Pál Lónyai: « A big thank you to the fantastic X-raid team and of course to Sven and Annett for their support. I also have to thank my co-driver Mathias. He did a great job in this challenging race. The X-raid Side-by-Side is a beast! »

Tuareg Rallye 2023 overall standings
1. Lauda / Henken – 18h 10m 43s
2. S. Quandt / A. Quandt – X-raid YXZ1000R Turbo Prototype – 19h 08m 24s
3. Hug / Larbata – 21h 34m 34s
4. Bussu / Ippolito – 22h 35m 59s
5. Nador / Kuehne – 22h 44m 00s
6. P. Lónyai / M. Somfei – X-raid YXZ1000R Turbo Prototype – 22h 47m53s


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