X-raid Yamaha supported Team: Good start to the Dakar 2023

– Four side-by-sides in the top 20
– Warm-up with 13 km prologue

The preparations are complete and the Dakar 2023 finally gets underway. On the last day of the year, the riders completed a short 13-kilometre prologue. All seven X-raid YXZ1000R Turbo Prototype side-by-sides got through the warm-up without any major problems. Ricardo Porém (POR) and Augusto Sanz (ARG) finished the prologue in a very good sixth place. Ignacio Casale (CHL) and Alvaro Leon (ESP) finished 13th, Joao Ferreira and Filipe Palmeiro (both POR) 17th.

The further developed X-raid YXZ1000R Turbo Prototype side-by-side did very well in its first rally kilometres. Four of the seven pilots finished in the top 20. The prologue, which was only 13 kilometres long, was right next to the Sea Camp and was thus a comparatively relaxed start to the Dakar Rally.

Tomorrow, the Dakar armada will remain in the Sea Camp. A total of 234 kilometres of liaison and 367 kilometres against the clock are on the agenda for the drivers on the loop. The first real special stage will be a mix of sandy and stony tracks and the first dunes.

Ricardo Porém: « The prologue was okay. We didn’t push much, these are the first kilometres in the car and the Dakar is very long. We have a good starting position tomorrow and that was the goal for today. »

Joao Ferreira: « It was a very fast prologue. We didn’t make any mistakes and we are in a good position to start the ‘real race’ tomorrow. »

Ignacio Casale: « The prologue was fun. I am happy with the result. I felt good and found the right rhythm with Alvaro. Tomorrow the party really gets started – today was just for show. »

The X-raid Yamaha supported Team wishes everyone a happy new year and a successful 2023!

Dakar Rally – result prologue
1. C. Gutierrez / P. Moreno – Can-Am – 8m 49s
2. S. Quintero / D. Zenz – Can-Am – 8m 51s
3. G. de Mevius / F. Cazalet – OT3 – 8m 53s
4. M. Guthrie / K. Walch – T3M – 8m 55s
5. H. Weijs / R. Meijer –T3 – 9m 01s
6. R. Porém / A. Sanz – X-raid YXZ1000R Turbo Prototype – 9m 04s…
13. I. Casale / A. Leon – X-raid YXZ1000R Turbo Prototype – 9m 11s…
17. J. Ferreira / F. Palmeiro – X-raid YXZ1000R Turbo Prototype – 9m 23s…
20. A. Alkuwari / M. Lucchese – X-raid YXZ1000R Turbo Prototype – 9m 28s…
22. M. Marti / L. Bakker – X-raid YXZ1000R Turbo Prototype – 9m 33s…
31. A. Fischer / A. Seel – X-raid YXZ1000R Turbo Prototype – 9m 55s…
41. C. Liparoti / X. Blanco – X-raid YXZ1000R Turbo Prototype – 10m 27s…