X-raid : 20 years of racing

– 3rd comic from the series « Memories from 20 years of X-raid »
– Chicherit chases the MINI ALL4 Racing through Tignes

The third comic « Parcour through Tignes » is representative of all the adventures that X-raid has experienced together with the MINI ALL4 Racing. The desert racer is the most successful vehicle in the X-raid family to date and secured four of the team’s six Dakar victories.

The ride through Tignes, France, in 2011 required meticulous preparation. Some modifications had to be made to the MINI ALL4 Racing in order to survive the various stunts – such as the slide over the staircase railing – without damage. In addition, numerous calculations were made for the jumps on and off buildings. But the efforts had paid off and resulted in probably the most spectacular drive of a car through Tignes.

The MINI ALL4 Racing has scored the most victories for the X-raid team so far. In addition to numerous individual victories and overall successes in FIA World Cups, it drove off a sensational winning streak (2012-2015) in the Dakar.


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