X-Raid : 20 years of racing

– 1st comic from the series « Memories from 20 years of X-raid »
– « Dancing at the edge » for Al-Mutaiwei in the BMW X5

The first comic « Dancing at the edge » tells of one of the most thrilling situations in the history of X-raid. At the 2004 Baja Vodafone 1000 Portugal, Khalifa Al-Mutaiwei left the fans along the track breathless on several occasions. The driver from Dubai pushed the BMW X5 to its limits several times within a few seconds, but saved the day and produced spectacular pictures.

But Al-Mutaiwei is not only part of X-raid history because of his « borderline experience ». He was responsible for one of the first milestones in the history of the team from Trebur. In 2004, Al-Mutaiwei won the first FIA International Cup for Cross-Country Rallies title for X-raid in a BMW X5. After a long break, he climbed into the MINI ALL4 Racing in 2012 and repeated his success.


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