Dakar SS9 X-Raid by Yamaha : Camelia & Annett finish 8th

391 Liparoti Camelia (ita), Fischer Annett (deu), Yamaha, X-Raid Yamha Racing Rally Supported Team, Light Weight Vehicles Prototype - T3, action during the 9th stage of the Dakar 2021 between Neom and Neom, in Saudi Arabia on January 12, 2021 - Photo Antonin Vincent / DPPI

Camelia Liparoti and Annett Fischer (Yamaha YXZ1000R-Yamaha Powered by X-Raid Team) finished in 8th place in the special 17’53 minutes behind the stage winner Cristina Herrero of Spain. Mattias Ekstrom and Emil Bergkvist (Yamaha YXZ1000R-Yamaha Powered by X-Raid Team), out of the general classification, crossed the finish line in 5th place at 12.51 minutes!

In the provisional, Camelia Liparoti and Annett Fischer gain another position to take 2nd place on the virtual podium at 1:16 am from Czechs Josef Machacek and Pavel Vyoral after the retirement of American Seth Quintero and German Dennis Zenz.

Mattias Ekström: « That was a long, tough day. We were having a lot of fun at first, and were really quick too. However, towards the end it was so dusty, and dark too later on, that we lost some time. Plus, we unfortunately had two flat tyres. »

Camelia Liparoti: « That was a very tough leg. The start by the Red Sea was beautiful. For the following kilometres, we spent more time climbing over stones than driving – it was like a trial track. We tried to look after the car as well as possible, and actually made it through without any flat tyres. After the fuel stop, we were travelling west and the sun was directly in my eyes. I could hardly see anything. For the last half an hour, we were driving in the dark, which did not exactly make navigation any easier. »

As Ekström rejoined the rally within the ‘Dakar experience’ today, he is no longer listed in the overall standings for the T3.1 light prototypes.

© Florent Gooden-DPPI

T3.1 light prototypes – result of SS9
1. C. Gutierrez (ESP) / F. Cazalet (FRA) – OT3 – 6h 16m 40s
2. T. Enge (CZE) / V. Tosenovsky (CZE) – Can-Am – 6h 18m 27s
3. P. Pinchedez (FRA) / V. Ferri (FRA) – Pinch Racing – 6h 19m 08s
4. J. Bergounhe (FRA) / J. Brucy (FRAU) – PH-Sport – 6h 25m 33s
5. M. Ekström (SWE) / E. Bergkvist (SWE) – Yamaha YXZ1000R prototype – 6h 30m 31s…
8. C. Liparoti (ITA) / A. Fischer (GER) – Yamaha YXZ1000R prototype – 4h 40m 20s

T3.1 light prototypes – overall standings after SS9
1. J. Machacek (CZE) / P. Vyoral (CZE) – Can-Am – 47h 05m 35s
2. C. Liparoti (ITA) / A. Fischer (GER) – Yamaha YXZ1000R prototype – 48h 22m 21s
3. P. Pinchedez (FRA) / V. Ferri (FRA) – Pinch Racing – 49h 26m 45s
4. J.-L. Pisson (FRA) / V. Sarreaud (FRA) – PH-Sport – 49h 52m 46s
5. J. Bergounhe (FRA) / J. Brucy (FRAU) – PH-Sport – 50h 59m 30s


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