Red Bull Desert Wings powered by team of prestigious partners at 2020 Dakar

The Dakar Rally remains the ultimate challenge that motorsports has to offer. To survive the two-week, 12-stage onslaught you need the best team possible backing you up. Red Bull Desert Wings have the support of passionate industry experts to help them achieve their objectives on the 7,500 kilometre odyssey over the testing terrain of Saudi Arabia.

A crucial part of being at your best in the desert is being kitted out in the correct clothing for the job. AlphaTauri, the stand-alone fashion brand founded by Red Bull, have provided us with their innovative fashion technologies integrated with high-quality and uniquely designed styles.

Also fitting out our onsite crew will be Blåkläder, synonymous with quality workwear since 1959. Blåkläder have provided the team with durable clothing that will give us the best possible chance of standing up to the unique challenges of the Dakar. Keeping us moving forward at the Dakar will be the inventive footwear of On. The Swiss sports brand is a trusted partner of athletes who compete in harsh conditions all over the world.

The Dakar is a 24-hour operation and when the sun goes down we’ll have Ledlenser to shine a light on matters. The German company is the industry leader of high-quality portable LED lighting solutions such as flashlights, headlamps, lanterns and floodlights.

« The contestants of Dakar need perfectly reliable material. When it comes to portable lights, we will give them the best possible support with our award-winning lamps. » – Jonas Resch, Ledlenser’s Sports Marketing Manager

Kärcher cleaning stations will be present in the Dakar bivouac for the ninth time in 2020. Their modern pressure washers save up to 80 percent of water in comparison with manual washing with a water hose, and are therefore an environment-friendly alternative that blasts off dust and dirt in less time. We also have the support of ipone – the combat oil Made in France – to ensure all vehicles are maintained and serviced throughout the Dakar.

Keeping us on track at the upcoming Dakar will be BFGoodrich Tires, contributor to 15 race wins at this legendary race. Whatever the next Dakar has in store, you can be sure that BFGoodrich Tires will be up to the job. The famous toughness and traction of their tires is exactly what’s needed amid the most extreme racing conditions on the planet.

« BFGoodrich and Red Bull both have a long history with the Dakar Rally and supporting world-class athletes who push the limits on what can be accomplished in desert racing. » – Harold Phillips, BFGoodrich Global General Manager

It’s now long established that the first place to find action photography from each stage of the Dakar is the Red Bull Content Pool. The photographers working with Red Bull Desert Wings benefit from a bespoke multimedia lab fitted with an inmarsat mobile satellite delivery hub. With the entirety of the race taking place in the vast Saudi Arabian desert, the level of connectivity supplied by inmarsat and network innovations is simply invaluable.

We’re delighted to have such an illustrious team of partners in our corner for the 2020 Dakar and can’t wait to get the job done. The first Saudi Arabian Dakar gets started on Sunday, January 5 in Jeddah and finishes 9,000km later on Friday, January 17 in Al-Qiddiya.

Christine Fial,