Hero MotoSports: Santosh secures second spot in the India Baja

CS Santosh © DR

The India Baja 2018 is in the books. The last stage led to the finish in the Golden City of Jaisalmer, where CS Santosh was second on the podium.

The Bangalore-based rider arrived at the finish ramp at Majid ki Basti, ensuring Team Hero Motosports maintained their 100% finish record at the India Baja.

After completing the rally, it was time to mark yet another milestone finish for the factory rally team. Santosh heads to the Peru Rally after this, continuing his road to Dakar preparations.
An overall good outing for the man, the machine and team with a lot of positives to take from.
CS Santosh, Rider, Hero MotoSports Team Rally said, “I’m glad to be at the finish of India Baja and on the podium after a tough race with great competition and challenging weather conditions. This is the first race on home soil where I’m walking away healthy in the last three years and that’s a big positive I take going into the final months before Dakar.


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