Elisabete Jacinto: The Morocco Desert Challenge has begun

© Jorge Cunha

The driver Elisabete Jacinto and the team Bio-Ritmo® held today in Agadir, Morocco, the administrative and technical checks of the Morocco Desert Challenge rally. On this day dedicated to the analysis of the documentation of the teams and the technical compliance of the vehicles, the Portuguese also received their race number.

In this edition, they will leave for the competition with the number 503 being, therefore, the third truck on the prologue.

The trio formed by Elisabete Jacinto, José Marques and Marco Cochinho, who participates at the commands of a MAN TGS and has as main objective to conquer a podium place among the trucks performed, in a relaxed atmosphere, all the necessary controls and still had the opportunity to exchange experiences with the members of the teams present in the rally.

« This is a day when there is some bustle. We have schedules to accomplish and we cannot be distracted. We hardly have time to take a deep breath when all this administrative part is finished, as we have to follow to the briefing where are given a series of indications that must be taken into account. We like to look at the trucks of our opponents and guess their abilities … to greet everyone but we haven’t got the time to do everything … it is amazing to see the number of people who have gathered this year and all these vehicles ready to race! » said Elisabete Jacinto.

The first stage of the Morocco Desert Challenge begins tomorrow at the legendary Plage Blanche, which is 250 kilometers from Agadir. There will be a prologue with 77 timed kilometers that will be a good adaptation to the rhythm of the race and will serve to establish the order of departure for the second journey of this race.

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