SRO Motorsports Group continues partnership with Total

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The SRO Motorsports Group is pleased to announce that the partnership with fuel and lubricant specialist Total will continue in 2016. All fuels for the Blancpain GT Series and Blancpain GT Sports Club will be supplied by the Racing fuels department under the brand ELF, with Total remaining the title sponsor of the Total 24 Hours of Spa.

All drivers and teams of the 2016 Blancpain GT Series and Blancpain GT Sports Club will again reap the rewards of the continuing efforts of the people of Total in providing them with the most competitive race fuels and lubricants. Their experience – ELF Racing fuels have been developed for motorsport since 1967 – is a guarantee that all teams and cars will enjoy the same service and high quality products that they have grown accustomed to.

The ever increasing importance of the Blancpain GT Series has facilitated negotiations between all parties involved, and the fact that the 2016 calendar has focused on racing on Western European racetracks had its positive effects as well.

Bruno Pahlawan (Managing Director Total ACS) : « For the 5th year in a row, Total ACS – for Additives and Special Fuels – has been confirmed as the official racing fuel supplier for the Blancpain GT Series 2016. Beyond its affirmation of the trust in Elf Racing Fuels, this agreement, which covers the supply for 10 events on 10 circuits in 7 countries, is a further opportunity for Total to use this world reference GT championship as a showcase to demonstrate:
-our technical expertise built over the last 49 years in formulating and supplying high quality Racing Fuels,
-our spirit of innovation in supplying racing teams with exclusive fuels. The gasoline supplied for the GT Series is 102+ octane. It does incorporate a fuel additive package with patented detergent additives to keep the engine clean and boost engine performance. On top of that, it respects very stringent specifications, thereby eliminating the need to adjust fuel related engine settings before every race,
– our customer service focus through track assistance on the different circuits in Europe,
– Our shared passion for excellence in sports, combining human and technological challenges, which is so convincingly demonstrated in the Blancpain GT Series. »

Paul Mannes (CEO Total Belgium) : « We are proud to be the title sponsor of the TOTAL 24 Hours of Spa for the 10th year in a row . This great race remains the most important event of Motorsport in Belgium and, as the sole racing fuel supplier of the Blancpain GT Series, we prove there our expertise in fuels and lubricants, our continuous search for excellence, as well as our passion for competition. »

Adelheid Terryn,