Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge : XTreme+

– Stage 3 : Mezaira’a – Mezaira’a – 250 km of sand and dunes.

Very good general result for the CST Xtremeplus Polaris Team.

414 – Pietro Cinotto and Szymon Gospodarczyk, after fighting all day for the 4th and 3rd position, they finale finisher with an excellent 5 th position in SSV catégorie.

P7, P8 and P10 for Robin Szustkowski, Michele Cinotto and Beaupre Poitr.

On the général SSV classification:

Michele Cinotto is 5th , Pietro Cinotto 7th and Piotr Beaupre and Robin Szustkowski just behind.

Tomorrow will be similar to today; 232 km de Special Stage