European Tour of Transanatolia Rally closed in Paris

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With the appointment in Paris, at the half of March, it’s concluded the European tour of presentation of the Transanatolia Rally 2019. One of its organizers, Burak Büyükpinar, described the competition – that it will be raced in Turkey since 24 to August 31 – in Milan, Barcelona, Rome and Paris.


The registrations, opened immediately after the conference in Milan at the beginning of February, have already recorded different confirmations and there are over 20 riders – motorbikes, cars, SSV and trucks – that have already defined their participation. From Tuesday 2 April the fees of entry to the 2019 edition, will increase passing from 2300 Euro, for example, for a motorbike, to 2500 Euro, rate that will stay up just to the one of June.

To the first ten Italian, Spaniard and French riders and drivers that will engaged them for own Nation it has been offered a further discount of 200€, while in both the locations (Barcellona and Paris), the participants have been participate to a lottery whose first prize was a discount of the 50 percent on the total one of the entry.

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