Transanatolia: Road-book turned into the final form

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Dario del Vecchio, nickname Willy, came back from Turkey just yesterday. In 15 days he checked all the track – prepared from Orhan Çelen – drawing the road-book of Transanatolia Rally that now in Italy will be turned into its final form. ‘The road is fantastic’. He starts with these words to tell about the 8th edition of the rally: « I was invTurkey in 2015 with the rally but I didn’t remember so beautiful special stages and so long !

This race will be a real Race, important to train for all the riders and drivers. The road book will be difficult because the navigation it’ll be at the first place in this race. The note between a case and the others are shorter then normal and the riders will face five or six notes far among them not more of 30 or 40 metres. Very challenging! »

The race, organized from TransAnatolia Sport Organisation, will start from Izmir the 5th of August with a first stage of 436 km and 3 special test and it’ll finish seven days and 22 special tests later again in Izmir. More then 3000 kms « we’ll start in a pine forest and then we’ll climb and stay between 1000 and 2800 metres: it’ll be august but I don’t think we should suffer warm weather » concludes Del Vecchio.

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