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Morocco Desert Challenge 2020

Rally dos Sertões adds technology to sports performance

From micro cameras to digital road books, all kinds of hi-tech devices are being used by organizers and competitors in the world's largest cross-country rally raced in a single country.

High levels of adrenaline, added to technology and safety. This may be a good description of the Rally dos Sertões, each new edition caring more and more about improving the level of competition, beautiful scenery and lots of safety for all involved with the world's largest rally raced within a single country. For the 21st edition of Sertões, started last July 25th and finishing in two days, in Goiânia on August 3rd, a few devices are being adopted, to help the competitors' performance.

Sertões 2013 draws the attention of technology lovers. Beside the Go Pros, which have been living in the cockpits and helmets for a while, tablets are also seeking space in navigators' hands. One of the suggested devices, which are already being used, is an application for such devices. Developed by TOTEM, which created a digital version of the road books. The system serves as a support to navigation and works integrated to the odometer, updating all references and alerting proximity. There is a module for the navigator, and one for the driver.

As a device for timing, location and overtaking, Rally dos Sertões uses a mandatory device for all competition vehicles: the GPS Unik2, from the French company ERTF (available for rental). The device unifies the tracking system and the Sentinel, which is used by a faster vehicle when approaching a slower vehicle ahead, raising the safety within the timed sections.

Another mandatory item in the vehicles is a closed-frequency VHF radio. The radio is the main communication means in the race, since competitors use it to communicate with the organization in case of problems during the race. The race also receives important support from above. Two airplanes are used by the organization to control the race. The aircrafts monitor all radio calls from riders and drivers about accidents, breaks or problems such as a fallen bridge or any other damage to the course.

In the organization cars, the communication has yet another channel: satellite. Cars are equipped with Autotrack device, basically a way to text via satellite. It allows instant messaging with location, if necessary.

Cars, bikes, quads, trucks, and UTVs are on the Sertões dispute, an adventure that is going to cover a total of 4,115 Km.

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