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  • Hearts of Morocco Etape 5: Besson toujours leader

    Jean-Pascal Besson conserve l’avantage au Hearts of Morocco à l’issue de l’étape 5. Il possède un coussin d’avance sur Marc Bonnafoux (Springbok) et Jean-Luc Buiez, troisième au volant d’un Bowler.

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  • Merzouga Rally 2018, c'est parti !

    Le Dakar Series Merzouga Rally revient en 2018 et se déroulera du 15 au 20 Avril prochain. Moto/Quad/SxS, ne manquez pas l’occasion de participer à un rallye formateur et ouvert à tous !

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  • Africa Eco Race: Des nouveautés sur le parcours

    Après quatre semaines et plusieurs milliers de kilomètres à sillonner les pistes du Maroc, de Mauritanie et du Sénégal, l’équipe de reconnaissance de l’Africa Eco Race est rentrée d’Afrique début octobre avec de bonnes nouvelles concernant le parcours 2018.

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Morocco: Elisabete Jacinto waiting for the rescu

The Bio-Ritmo® team is still waiting for help to lift the MAN TGS that fell yesterday in a dune area in the Erg Chegaga when the Portuguese were fulfilling the third stage of the Rallye Oilibya du Maroc. The Portuguese team was still trying to continue the race, but this situation depended on the help they would receive from the “broom wagon” sent by the organization on a rescue mission of the Portuguese.


However, the NPO truck failed to reach the place where Elisabete Jacinto and her teammates were and forced them to remain in the desert where they are at the moment. This way, and once that to continue in the race the Portuguese would have to arrive at the camp an hour before the first pilot left for today’s stage, the trio was forced to give up the rally.

Meanwhile the NPO helicopter has been with Elisabete Jacinto, José Marques and Marco Cochinho having left food and water. The assistance team, which is about 400 kilometers away from where the incident occurred, has already sent support and is working to get the truck safely off. Jorge Gil, Director of the team, said: "they are doing well and we hope that the truck can still be in its normal position today, and then Marco will have to do the necessary work to start the engine" told the manager.

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Marie-France Estenave pour MFE-Live.com

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