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Africa Race : Elisabete Jacinto was 2nd in Mauritania

The Portuguese pilot Elisabete Jacinto reinforced today, at the end of the sixth stage of the Africa Race, the second place in the truck category. The crew of the MAN TGS of the Team OLEOBAN®/MAN Portugal fulfilled the selective sector of 174 kilometres in 1h41m17s, only 7 minutes more than the leader Tomas Tomecek.

Elisabete Jacinto reforça vice-liderançaElisabete Jacinto, José Marques and Marco Cochinho completed the first special on Mauritanian soil that, due to the configuration of the landscape mainly consisting of soft sand, tends to be the great difficulty of the Portuguese team in this rally. The team had a very good entry in Mauritania and maintains the 10th position of the overall auto/truck table.

Today, the start of the stage was delayed for nearly 1h30m due to the Mauritanian border controls: "The day started early. We left at five in the morning and when we got to Mauritania we took a long time to cross the border because all the competitors had to do the biometric registration to enter the country. Also, the transition of the organization helicopters to Mauritania has suffered a delay and without them the rally couldn’t go on. Today’s special went well. The journey wasn’t difficult and we maintained a good rhythm. The only complication was the heat. The temperatures reached 31oC. In Mauritania the landscapes are very different, there is more sand and have more difficulties here. But, we did our best and we raced as fast as the truck allowed" said Elisabete Jacinto.

MAN TGS de competição na sexta etapa do Africa RaceTomorrow is held the seventh stage of the Sonangol Africa Eco Race which will be covered for 466 kilometres against the clock between Chami and Akjout. This will be the longest selective sector of the entire race. In this day the passages of sand will predominate and the hard dunes of Mauritania will also be part of the stage.

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