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Solid start for Riwald Dakar Team

The first stage of the Dakar Rally 2014 is finished. Although the special stage was only 180 kilometer long, it wasn't a day to relax. A narrow trail with many hairpins and rocks made the first differences in the standings. Several favourites lost time and saw their chances ruined on the very first day . The three HRX Fords of the Riwald Dakar Team showed their speed and ambition.

A hot day at the office
Bernhard Ten Brinke demonstrated his speed at the first checkpoint with the 10th time overall. However, the second part of the special stage was less positive: he had to put his car on the side with a flat tire twice: "I had two spare tires so I drove the last 100 kilometres on a relatively slow pace. It was a tough day, but I didn't want to take too much risks."

Erik Wevers started his day with a hurdle: "On the connection towards the start, one of the two fuel pumps broke. We took the risk to drive on with only one pump. The stage went quite well. For a moment I was behind Robby Gordon so that was very dusty. Luckily I was able to overtake him pretty soon, after which we were able to ride well. " Wevers finished twelfth, just over seven minutes behind the surprising winner Carlos Sousa.

Gert Huzink had a hot first day at the office, both literally and figuratively: "The first part I didn't took too much risks, but during the special stage the air conditioning broke down. It was very hot in the car! Nevertheless, we found a nice rhythm. In the last part of the stage the concentration faded away because of the heat in the car, so we drove steady towards the finish.”

The battle begins
The second day of the 2014 Dakar promises to be the first real battle. The participants have to drive a special stage of more than 400 kilometers. The first part is probably the fastest stage of the rally, in the last 100 kilometres the competitors will meet the demanding gray sand dunes of Nihuil.

Marie-France Estenave pour MFE-Live.com

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